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Establishment of Branch Office BO Liaison Office LO Project Office PO or any other place RBI/2020-21/69 23/11/2020
Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 FEMA Compounding of Contraventions under FEMA 1999 RBI/2020-21/67 17/11/2020
Maintenance of Escrow Account with a Scheduled Commercial Bank RBI/2020-21/68 17/11/2020
To amend notification No. 12/ 2017- Central Tax (Rate) so as to exempt satellite launch services Notification No. 05/2020 - Central Tax (Rate) 16/11/2020
Formation of new district in the State of Nagaland Assignment of Lead Bank Responsibility RBI/2020-21/65 13/11/2020
Discontinuation of Returns Reports under Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 RBI/2020-21/66 13/11/2020
Seeks to notify amendment carried out in sub-section (1), (2) and (7) of section 39 vide Finance (No Notification No. 81/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to make the Thirteenth amendment (2020) to the CGST Rules.2017 Notification No. 82 /2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to extend the due date for FORM GSTR-1 Notification No. 83/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to notify class of persons under proviso to section 39(1). Notification No. 84/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to notify special procedure for making payment of 35% as tax liability in first two month Notification No. 85/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to rescind Notification 76/2020-Central tax dated 15.08.2020. Notification No. 86/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to extend the due date for furnishing of FORM ITC 04 for the period July-September 2020 Notification No. 87/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Seeks to implement e-invoicing for the taxpayers having aggregate turnover exceeding Rs100 Cr Notification No. 88/2020 – Central Tax 10/11/2020
Co Lending by Banks and NBFCs to Priority Sector RBI/2020-21/63 05/11/2020
Exim Banks Government of India supported Line of Credit LoC of USD 20 10 million RBI/2020-2021/64 05/11/2020
Opening of Current Accounts by Banks Need for Discipline RBI/2020-21/62 02/11/2020
Notification No. 89/2020/ F. No. 370133/16/2020-TPL Notification No. 89/2020 02/11/2020
Notification No. 88/2020/ F. No. 370142/35/2020-TPL Notification No. 88/2020 29/10/2020
Seeks to amend notification no. 41/2020-Central Tax dt. 05.05.2020 to extend due date of return Notification No. 80 /2020 – Central Tax 28/10/2020
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